June 19, 2016

Ripped Jeans Look Ideas for Woman

Hello everyone (^_^)

Let's talk about ripped jeans fashion.

Ripped jeans have been trending since a few years back and not going out of style anytime soon. The ripped jeans are a must-have fashion piece as it adds that perfect statement to your entire appearance. However, some of you may not know the idea of how to style those ripped jeans and still make it appear stylish than sloppy. So how to turn the edgy piece into a nice ensemble? For the clueless ladies can take a look at these three ripped jeans look ideas for women which can represent your personality.

  1. Simple Casual

    This is the most common look you can pull off with a pair of ripped jeans. Simply match it with a simple plain tee and you are set! This outfit is perfect to be laid back in and you can spend your day offs looking simple yet comfortably stylish. Wear flip flops, sneaker or sandals on and still maintain a trendy appearance without much effort.

  2. Biker Chic

    For the individual who are looking for a boyish look, you can definitely match the ripped jeans with a tank top, leather jacket and boots for the perfect complete ensemble. It gives you that rugged yet sophisticated appeal which you can rock the look all about town. The ripped jeans help enhance your biker chic appearance easily.


  3. Trendy Edge

    If you prefer something casual yet trendy in a way, a shirt and ripped jeans is the perfect combination. Choose printed oversized shirt which allows comforts and gives that edgy touch to your look. Complete the ensemble with statement jewelries and fashionable shoes as well. Step out of the house with confidence flaunting this look and be the center of attention.  


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