March 8, 2016

How to Make a Choice

It is a really big deal to make the best choice.
After finishing my study, I have two choices, or should I say, three?
Never mind, I'm not gonna work in industry right now.
So, let's stick to two choices. 

Okay, I have two choices;
The first one requires a lot of money, I have to spend a lot of money and hardwork. 
The second one, I get money and of course it needs hardwork as well.

Now, I have to think about what is waiting ahead.... 

If I choose the first one, what will happen to me? Do I have the strength to do it? Can I keep the same momentum for the whole time? 
But, at the end, I can be somebody. 
Somebody with a title. 
That is what my parents want. 
It's like a shortcut, but needs a lot of money. 
Argh, I don't wanna be such a burden to my parents eventho they are willing to fully support me. 
Now, I have that kind of feeling, I just don't want to be a troublemaker. 
I don't want to be a spoil kid, like I used to be before, not all the time, but most of the times.
Wasting a lot of things, a lot of chances.
I should change...

If I choose the second one, do I really need it? Actually, to be honest, I want to have my own money, from my hardwork, not from my parents. I want to be an independent girl.  And from that, I will learn to appreciate things. That is what I really want to learn, The thing is, I want to be independent, like seriously. And now, I have the chance, but it is a really long journey before I become "somebody with a title".

Which one should I choose?
Is it possible for me to do both?
To be honest, I wanna do both, but I only have 24/7, all of us have 24/7 only. 


Let's seek for some advice...
This is what we really need to do. 
Get some advice and then make a wise decision!


munirah mansor said...

I feel you dear

Suhaiza Suki said...

maybe the first one? parents you happy, and for sure, Allah will bless you. orang cakap, gembirakan mak ayah nanti perjalanan jd mudah. but, it is up to you. istikharah and choose the best one :)

Sally Samsaiman said...

I guess...choices will always there..but whatever it is...every choices get their own pro and, choose wisely :)