March 24, 2016

Education is for ALL!!

Urban, rural, or suburban...
We are all the same.

Education is for all of us.
Education is a right.
Education is a necessity.
Education is everything.

Don't let anyone lost any hope for education.
Don't let anyone lost any chance for education.

Let us educate our children.
Let us educate the people in need.
Let us not leave those who can't walk with school shoes.
Let us give everything we have in education.

Source: Bobdillon33blog


Suhaiza Suki said...

hai thirah, cemana smbung bljr ke keje? hehe

hainom OKje said...

Dasat ar budak tu, srkejap jadi viralkan..... Sapa sebenarnya dia tu Tirah. Cer cite sikit. Mak ni kan mls membaca bab bsb ilmiah ni hihi...

miss fifi said...

Love how she fights for education because no matter how modern the world is, there's always some people out there that value education too little :/