March 5, 2014

Can I just....

Can I just disappear?
Can I just shut my mouth up?
Can I just leave everything?
Can I just keep silent?
Can I just....

My answer is NO!

No matter how touched, how sad, how upset and how terrible I feel. I have to stand and move forward. 
Smile without showing my sorrow. 

Sometimes, I feel like they just make a fake smile, laughing like a zombie to my jokes.
Don't pretend, just leave me if you want. 
I can't be fair enough because I love all of you, if you hate it, just go.  
I expect nothing cos I'll ask nothing. 
I just want you to be happy. 

Be strong guys! 


Shida Radzuan said...

tgh bsedih juga nih huhuuu..yeah!! be strong shida!!

Nurulee said...

feel like i wanna leave all the existing. and start a new life.
how can i love two ppl at the same time. damnnnnn! i really dun wanna hurt 'em bcs they both are too well with me.
i thought im confused with my own feelings.
if i can run and live all this. and be free like a birdy.


Cik Yaya said...

can i just.............

alaaaa..cik trah ni lum hbis lagi kate dah say no..huhu ;p